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Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club: Join Us Tuesday mornings, 6:45 at Little America

Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary

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We meet Tuesdays at 6:45 AM
Little America Hotel & Resort
2800 West Lincolnway
Cheyenne, WY  82009
United States
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On March 13, the club had the pleasure of meeting Alejandra Carrasco, a Rotary Exchange student from Chile.  She is currently staying with Lucie Osborn, a past president of the noon Rotary club.  Alejandra spoke about the differences in living, education and families.  She will be attending college next year in Chile studying psychology.  What a joy she was to have in the room this a.m.  Lucy spoke of the joy her and her husband have sponsoring students and what she in return gets from sharing this experience.   Rotary touches so many lives and we are truly blessed to be Rotarians.
The coordinator of exchange students for the noon club, Steph Denning, sent this; "
I am the Youth Exchange Officer for Cheyenne Rotary Club.  I am writing to you to let you know we need families for our two students that will be coming for the next school year.  
We usually have a high school aged boy and girl from another country come and attend high school here.  I am looking for three families for each student for the next school year.  The most important to find right now is the first host family, as we will need their information so that they can obtain their student visa.  They usually arrive in mid-August and stay with the first family until Christmas, go to the next family until about Spring Break and then after Spring Break until they leave late June or early July.  That being said, we can work with the family's schedule as far as when they can host.  I am looking for first host families to commit by the end of April.  
Please pass the word on to people that you know that you think would be willing to host. The families don't have to be Rotarians and they don't necessarily have to have kids.  
Please contact me via email at or on my cell phone at 307-421-2553 if you are interested in hosting either of these students or know anybody who might be interested.  As another resource, there is also information on the Rotary District 5440 website that talks about expectations for both students and host families.
Please help Rotary continue to promote peace through understanding and consider helping out with this effort.   I look forward to hearing from you soon! "
Great day to be a Rotarian and joining in on the fun at the Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club to enjoy a wonderful presentation by Michael Dixon.  Micheal is the architect overseeing the renovation of our beautiful state Capitol. The original building was built in 1888 and remodeling took place in 1890 and 1917.  What we learned in there are people from all trades joining in on the renovation from all over the United States.  He also told us of treasures found behind the walls and in the boards.  Thank you Lew Stubbs for recommending such an amazing speaker! Rotarian’s we rock!
Club member W.M. Stalcup says his wife had a tour of the capitol reconstruction recently and that the club could do the same for one of our meetings soon...stay tuned.

President Elect Jason Johnson will give us a presentation soon on his PETS experience and what is new in Rotary.

Sunrise Rotary did a rise and shine Feb. 27 a.m. with a great meeting at Little America.  In the house we had a friend to many, Retired Adj. General Chuck Wing.  Chuck spoke about the movement of Dark Money in Politics.  It was a subject that many of us have heard touched on in the news but Chuck brought facts, figures and stories of how big money is swaying the vote and corrupting the democratic system.  The movement in Wyoming under Wyoming Promise is moving towards getting Wyoming to become the 20th state to call for a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution, to get dark money out of politics!  Our thanks to Chuck Wing for his service to our state and for staying active for the next generation.

It was a great day to be a Rotarian but apparently not a great day to attend due to the weather! (FOURTEEN below zero--a new Cheyenne record low!)  What an awesome opportunity, though, to hand Terry Williams a check for $6,843.50 for the Unaccompanied Youth Project - helping those motivated and focused HOMELESS youth trying to live out their dreams in the most difficult of circumstances. 
    These are not youth with police or court involvement - it is just simply not safe for them to be at home.  They are experienced at couch surfing and living in their cars.  Currently as a pilot project Holy Trinity lets them use the home that was formerly for the "Sisters" to house 4 youth, and watch them graduate, then succeed at UW, LCCC, the Marines and a new life course of their own. 
    They interviewed the youth to see what they saw as their needs - so simple compared to ours:  A safe place to sleep, and being warm would be nice and maybe a little money to contribute to households where they sleep on the couch.  There are small grant programs for immediate short-term housing (like a motel room) and a few dollars to contribute for food in the homes that let them in.  Our contribution is towards the new Twin Home which will house 10 youth - 5 boys and 5 girls on each side from South and Triumph. 
     $120,000 has been raised towards this project, land donated by Safehouse and the general contractor & subs are donating a lot of their profits.  If every unaccompanied youth could graduate, it would raise the graduation rate for Laramie County 1.7 - 2.2%.  That is a LOT ROTARIANS!  This is definitely a project to be proud to be a part of!  Thank you all!
** PLEASE suggest new members to our membership chairs...Randy and
** The "Ice Barrel Challenge"...a fundraiser by our parent club,, is now on, and for tickets, ask Roxanne...they help us with all our fundraisers, so let's please help them...go to the web address above to find out how.
** please remember that speaker suggestions are welcomed at Jason is our speaker chair and appreciates any suggestions for speakers.
Great attendance January 30th at Sunrise Rotary!  Nice to see some faces we have been missing.

Roxanne started the meeting with a thought provoking question sent to her by our own Phil Noble...”What makes you positive?”  Roxanne gave us her inspiring interpretation for positive karma which was “If there is hope!  Additionally, she said that “Rotary gives us a chance”  to bring hope to others.

A check for just over $4,000 was presented by the club to the Foster Grandparents Program.  Proceeds from the annual golf tournament.  The club received an update of what the program is up to and who is being helped.  Always inspiring.

Cranium Cup participants are being sought.  Please contact Roxanne if you would like to participate in this trivia contest put on by our parent club, the Rotary Club of Cheyenne.

"Gifts from the Heart" envelopes will be handed out at the February 6th meeting.
CSR club president Roxanne Ostlund, a Certified Public Accountant in Cheyenne, was featured on a panel of professionals selected by the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce to comment on the changes to the tax laws passed last year in congress. The Chamber featured Roxanne on their Facebook page, saying "Roxanne gave the advice that you need to consult your tax professional and then consider estate planning with a legal professional because she shared, “The kids that always got along, won’t.” When considering these changes! Take that advice and run with it."
Sunrise Rotary Foundation chair Earl King, another CPA, was spotted in the audience at the event, no doubt soaking up the advice referred to above :-)
Congratulations to Roxanne for her continued public service to the people and business community of Cheyenne!
Carey Hartmann, Laramie County Librarian
Mar 20, 2018
Upcoming changes to your Laramie County Library
Club Assembly
Mar 27, 2018
"What can we do about low attendance at meetings?"
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