Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club member W.M. Stalcup traveled from his home in Sedona, Arizona to help laud Brenda at an event hosted by LCCC on April 13. The accolades she received are summed up in this writing from the college:
    “As a lifelong Cheyenne resident, Brenda Laird has shown her love and commitment for Laramie County Community College. She has experienced all that LCCC has to offer, starting as a student, moving into a student-worker role and then into full time employment with LCCC.    Brenda shares this love and passion with everyone she encounters. During the 26 years she worked at LCCC, Brenda created lasting friendships with students, faculty and staff.
She served the college in the Financial Aid office for 15 years, providing students with guidance, support and understanding.
    Molly Williams, a former co-worker, said, “With a genuine smile, a days fork for Brenda included connecting, mediating, coordinating and providing information so students, families and donors could make a true connection with the college.”
    Brenda moved to the LCCC Foundation in 2005 where she spent 11 years. While working in her previous job in Financial Aid she frequently met with scholarship donors, so she was a natural fit for the Scholarships and Annual Giving position with the Foundation.
    “Brenda cares deeply about the college, our students and most importantly our donors. LCCC has been so very blessed to have someone representing the college the way Brenda has,” said Sabrina Lane, former Foundation Executive Director.
    Brenda spent numerous hours working on the scholarship program and helped establish more than 290 scholarships while at LCCC. She enjoyed the impact she had on students and the relationships she created with donors…Brenda worked for the donors, for the students and for anyone that had a passion to support LCCC. She was committed to drawing people into the experiences of the students, creating an impact that exceeded their expectations.