(from President Brenda--11/10/15)--It was a great day to be a Rotarian!

I must tell you the first word that comes to mind that describes the Veteran's we met tonight (at the Cheyenne Veteran's Administration hospital)....HONOR.  I was reminded of all of the brave men and women who fought to keep us free.  Handing out cookies and thanking them tonight was just what my heart needed.  A special thank you goes out to the fellow Sunrise Rotarian's that went to the VA tonight and thanked all of those who deserve our appreciation for serving our country.

On a fun note.  When we got done with our special service project - Madam President led four scared men through the woods and out into the parking lot to head them safely home.  Oh my, there is a joke in there somewhere "5 Rotarian's lost in the woods!" Who ever invented the flashlight app should be given an award for saving us.  We seriously lost Milward!

This is my 4th month of my Presidency and I am still smiling.  I love this club....thanks for making this fun possible.

Hope you had a great Veteran's Day.