Another great day to be a Rotarian!

Even though our attendance dropped to just 15 at the Sept. 15 meeting, those of us in attendance who got up early and came to Rotary were blessed by viewing a stunning sunrise.  The attached picture was taken by a friend of mine, Mr. Ty Stockton, and he gave me permission to send it to you (prints available on his website.)  What Ty captured in a photo is what gift Rotarian's carry in their hearts.  A blast of color, a spectacular glimpse that changes quickly but will leave a lasting impact - that is why we do service projects and show up to listen to great speakers - to make sure we can leave a lasting impression in the lives of others.

Remember next week we will meet at Kevin's office at 4012 Laramie Street for pizza at 5:30 p.m. and presentation of blankets and pillows to Holly's Blankets.  It is not too late to donate!  Bring your pillow and blanket to the meeting next week.

This is our September service and social event.  Please feel free to bring your spouse or significant other - or even a  friend who may want to join Rotary.

October 6 is a big day for Sunrise Rotary.  Mr. Ken Small, District Governor will be joining us.  I would love to have a 100% attendance.  Additionally, we will have a very special presentation in our club.  One that many of you have not seen.  If that isn't enough, we will be doing flu shots that morning as well.

Carrie Westling has volunteered to organize the Christmas party.  If you would like to help Carrie, please give her a call.  Thank you Carrie for stepping up.

Finally, Carrie Hartmann, new Laramie County Librarian, gave a report on all that is exciting and new at the library.  Congratulations on the promotion Carrie and thank you for providing Cheyenne with a nationally ranked library in Cheyenne and Laramie County.

Go out and be a gift to the world my friends.