What a great SPRING morning to be a Rotarian.

President Brenda started the morning out with a reading from International President K.R. Ravindran.  He had a wonderful note in the March addition of the "Rotarian" about how we can all be like Mother Teresa and dig in, hands getting dirty doing the most important work in the world - helping others.  It is a great challenge during Easter week and the beginning of Spring, find a cause and help.

Guests in the house today were Kacee Hansen and Chanda Olson to tell us about Rotaract's  fundraiser of May Day Baskets.  If you are interested in purchasing a May Day Basket for a loved one, friend or a helpful neighbor - contact Kacee at 640-0530.

Mike Weiland asked if anyone would be interested in being a mentor for the clients of Wyoming Family Home Ownership Program.  Amazing program helping first time prospective home owners succeed.  Please call 514-5831 for more information.

District Conference is right around the corner.  May 19 -21 at Jackson Lake Lodge.  Milward and Doc are going.  Consider a great week-end exploring what a change Rotary can make in someone's life.

Cranium Cup is coming up.  Cranium Cup is a fund-raiser for the Noon Club.  The cost is $800 per team.  Kevin offered up his son Liam as a secret weapon for the event.  More discussion next week.

Milward gave a quick update on the PETS Conference held last week-end.   More will be discussed at the April 12th meeting.

Thank you's are often not given to those who show up on Tuesdays and making a difference.   I realize that getting out of the warm bed and driving across town is not appealing at times but once you get there and get to hear the wonderful news of what is going on in our club, our club members families and our local Cheyenne community - it makes it all worth it.  Please join us if you have been gone.  We do miss you!

Amy Gorbey, Managing Director of the Cheyenne Little Theatre gave a great report on what is old, new and coming.  The Cheyenne Little Theatre is truly an organization that the Cheyenne community should be proud of and should support.  Thank you Amy.

May each of you have a Happy Easter filled with family, faith and friends.  See you next Tuesday - let's fill the room.