Dirk from the Noon Rotary Club visited our meeting June 4 to tell us about the need for host families for Youth Exchange. Rotary International sponsors this exchange program to further international goodwill, among other things (much more available on the
web such as 
- Rotary has an extensive support system to help host families and the student if/when needed.
- The student that attends Central is a 17 year old boy from Brazil.
- Students have 3 host families Aug-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun.  At this point I do not have a host family for the Central student so any time slot is available. 
- Host families assume parental responsibility providing food, shelter, transportation and everything else just as if the student were a member of your family.
- Host families do not need to have a high school student in their house in order to host a student.
- The student receives a stipend from Rotary.  The host family does not, per Department of State regulations.
- Host families must undergo a background check, also per Department of State regulations.
Rotary Club of Cheyenne
Youth Exchange Committee