It is simply another GREAT day to be a Rotarian.
I was delighted with the crowd we had a breakfast last Tuesday morning.  And we had some guests in the house as well.  Joining us this a.m. was a visiting Rotarian from Sierra Vista, AZ - Renee Humburg.  She was a Rotarian in Cheyenne in 1994 - a member of our noon club.  Additionally, we were joined by Justin Kallal, a friend of Tim Joannides.  Justin just moved back to the area and is a practicing lawyer.  
Kathy shared her "Giving from the Heart" story that made all of us choke back a few tears.  Remember to share ...
Thank you to Catherine Fuller who was our presenter last week from the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Cheyenne organization.  This organization not only helps at risk students but any child needing a little extra adult guidance.  The currently have 37 matched children between the ages of 5 and 16, and they have 35 on the waiting list hoping to find matches.  The  biggest challenge for this organization is finding adult mentors.  If you have an extra hour a week to spend with a child, there is someone waiting to become your friend.  
We are coming down to the wire on the golf tournament.  PLEASE help .... sponsor a hole, find a sponsor for a hole, golf or encourage your friends to golf.  The club fundraiser helps so many good causes and we are down on teams and sponsors this year.  
June 14 we will have a great presentation by Jillian Balow, Wyoming Superintendent  of Public Instruction.  Please join us!
Have a great week Rotarian's.
Brenda Laird, 2015-16 Club President