Posted by Phil Noble on Oct 02, 2017


CSR members Dorothy Jacobson, Kathy Claywell and President Roxanne Ostlund led a team which conducted the most successful fundraiser the club has done in it's now 15-year history. The Thankful Thursday fundraiser Sept. 21st plus the raffle tickets sold surrounding the event raised over $14,000 for the "Unaccompanied Students Program," "Ruby's Adaptive Dance" program and our own club foundation, which will go to other youth projects.


Between the three of them, with a lot of help from other club members, they assembled over 60 auction items, ranging from bicycles to booze, donated by club members and businesses around town and sold over $4,000 worth of raffle tickets!

Bryan 'Alf' Grzegorczyk, the organizer of Thankful Thursday, was the auctioneer for the evening and steered the fundraising through a series of poker games, bottle giveaways, live auction and other events to keep the evening moving and to keep people in the room until the final prizes were drawn at 9:30 or so in the evening.

Roxanne and her mother, Donna, made several large pans of homemade enchiladas, which served as the main course of the dinner for the evening, and several people commented that they were among the best they'd eaten. Several club members pitched in to man the line, with club member Earl King's wife, June, being the server who stayed on her feet the longest.

It was an incredible evening, and one that will be remembered by many club members. If you missed it, there's always next year :-)