Speaker Date Topic
Magic City Jan 25, 2022
Cara Chambers Feb 08, 2022
Wyoming State Division of Victim Services
Rick Olson, Prior Lake Rotary Member Feb 22, 2022
Rotary Water Project - Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, Uganda
Nathaniel Trelease and Harvey Deselms Mar 08, 2022 7:00 AM
Capitol Avenue Bronze Project
Jason Hardy Mar 22, 2022
"ROOTED" in Cheyenne

Rooted in Cheyenne was founded on the idea that our residents are an important part of helping to establish a greener city.

Rooted in Cheyenne’s mission is to re-establish a long-term tree planting program in our city to help support a more diverse and resilient urban canopy and cultivate greener, healthier, more livable neighborhoods.

Cheyenne has always been a progressive city in its efforts to increase the tree canopy. As early as 1882, residents played an important role in establishing the tree canopy that we enjoy today. However, Cheyenne is experiencing a high mortality rate in its street tree population as the result of an aging forest and past extreme weather events. In addition, citizens are not adequately replacing dead trees which results in large gaps in the tree canopy. The need for a community tree planting program in Cheyenne is critical to maintain our forest canopy where trees are likely to die or have died and extend our forest canopy where trees are less abundant. (Read more about our history here.)

Rooted in Cheyenne is a designated 501c(3) nonprofit which works in partnership with the Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division, and led by a volunteer Board of Directors, dedicated to improving Cheyenne’s urban forest.