Club member W.M. Stalcup didn't hesitate to volunteer for the worst job on a Rotary International work project in India recently. It was a dam-building project, and W.M. worked on the rock-breaking crew, the most strenuous job of all. Those who know him weren't surprised by this, however. W.M. has always volunteered for the toughest jobs, but manages to find humor in them as well.
For the trip to India, he took lots of balloons, so he could relate to the youngest of the population there. "I've never seen a kid anywhere who didn't like balloons, especially when you twist them into animal forms, and you don't need to know their language to get close to them," W.M. related in a talk to the club on May 26.
According to a description of the project, "We worked with our hands to build a Dam that will have a far reaching, long-term and sustainable impact on the welfare of an 
impoverished but colorful and vibrant community in the semi-desert that sprawls at the foot of the Aravali hills. The dam will help about 5 surrounding villages to increase their annual crop yield by 50 percent, by retaining the considerable amount of monsoon rain water that flows away every year."
And, if that wasn't enough, the "Rotary Dream Team" W.M. traveled with also participated in National Immunization Day, helping immunize the local population against polio. W.M. said most of the kids accepted the drops "like little birds feeding" but that some resisted with all their might.
Overall, he said, it was a "fabulous trip" and the Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club thanks W.M. for his great service to Rotary and to the people of India.