Club Member W.M. Stalcup gave a presentation Oct. 29 on Historic Cheyenne, Inc., a group he's involved with which is focused on helping preserve Cheyenne's past. The city of Cheyenne has a rich history, dating from the Cattle Baron days of the mid-to-late 1800's and many historic structures such as the Cheyenne Club where those men met (that was before the Age of Enlightenment and women were relegated to the background) have been lost.
W.M. detailed efforts to by that group to preserve historic homes, especially in the Rainsford and Lakeview Historic Districts, which are just East of the hospital. He said the new organization is working on getting money for grants and loans to help preserve homes in the area, which include the Nagel-Warren mansion, Whipple house, and many other beautiful, historic homes.
W.M. and his wife Jan have been supporters of many groups and efforts in Cheyenne since they came here with Safecard Services back in the early '90's. W.M. was President of Safecard at the time and was responsible for that organization's heavy involvement in the Cheyenne community as well.