You are encouraged to share your "Pay It Forward" stories to add to these;
Mike Shonsey gave his $40 to the "Giving Closet," which provides clothes for those in financial straits and is connected to the Father Factor. He told the club this is the time to consider giving money or clothes as Winter deepens.
Roxanne Ostlund shared her $40.00 with a pregnant waitress who she overheard as struggling financially because her husband had just been laid off from his job. Roxanne says the woman was so grateful she started crying after receiving the gift.
As you remember, the campaign is all about handing them a card with a message from the club about "Pay It Forward" and $20 from the club (if you haven't received yours, see Brenda Laird) added to $20 from your own pocket. It's a small gesture but can have big consequences, as attested by those who have used it wisely.
Please share your stories by emailing them to;, and have a great Holiday Season!