Posted by Brenda Laird
What a GREAT day to be a Rotarian -
Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary kicked off its new beginning of being a hybrid club this a.m.  Hybrid, what is hybrid doing in Rotary?  We are doing exactly what we recite in the 4 Way Test, being fair to all concerned.  We have members who want to be together, even if it is social distancing.  We have members who don’t feel comfortable at this time joining face to face but want to be part of the club through Zoom and we have members that will just read our updates because technology frustrates them and meeting in person is out for now.  The theme for this year in Rotary is “Rotary Opens Opportunities!” It is our hope that as Sunrise Rotarian’s we give opportunities for those in our club and community to join in where they can feel comfortable and participate.  We had 7 people in person this a.m.  Some had masks, some didn’t, we sat at a comfortable social distance space and we enjoyed 7 of our friends on Zoom.  The SUN did shine this a.m.
We thank each of you who showed kindness and helped as technology tried to spoil our day but we did our best and are making it possible.
Our new president Kathy gave updates and reminders;
*Order peaches now from the Noon Rotary Club
*Boys and Girls Club chance to do service this Thursday
*Club Runner new app
Thank you to Monique Hammond for the Zoom presentation on hearing loss - a silent epidemic.  
Thank you Kevin for being our technical support.  You are a blessing.
As we all know, Rotary changes lives.  Our world is better because who we are and what we do!  Have a great Rotary week.