Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Club Honorary Member Paula Egan-Wright asked the club to consider helping her with Christmas presents for the 42 orphans she almost single-handedly supports at an orphanage in Haiti named after her mother. "It will take some creativity," she said, "due to the restrictions on shipping things to Haiti." She gave the example of uniforms she had earlier had made for the children which she eventually had to pack in her own luggage because she could not ship them.
Egan-Wright detailed to the club in a presentation Oct. 7 how she scrapes to raise $1,000 every two weeks to keep the orphanage running. She said she tried to talk the pastor who runs the orphanage into downsizing the number of kids there, but to no avail. She began her talk with a "huge thank-you" to the club for its donation of beds and mattresses for the orphanage. Club member Tim Joannides donated $700 and others led by W.M. Stalcup and Jerry Crader also donated to the project.
The uniforms and beds were two projects necessary to get a sort of accreditation from the Haitian government, she said. Another is a dispensary, which she's working on. "If you know any doctors I'd appreciate help," said Egan-Wright.
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