Cheyenne Sunrise Rotary Honorary Member Paula Egan-Wright will paint a picture of your home and do cards suitable for Christmas giving simply for a donation to her orphanage project in Haiti. In her words,

   1) Last year, I opened this to Chamber Singers and got a great response. I will do a pen & ink/watercolor rendering for a home -- average size is about 16X20 framed . It makes a lovely gift and I will frame it. I will also reduce the picture to a simple B&W on a pretty paper with a  gentle bit of sparkle for the holidays  to make Christmas cards ( A2 invitation size with envelopes). Just need to know how many are needed.
Rather than setting a price, I'd rather folks just made a docation to Haiti :)

2) Kevin and his musical family and I are thinking about forming a little group and preparing some music, then entertaining for a spaghetti dinner and potentially a little silent auction.

3) I made a coloring book for the Haiti school for the kids, and I had it on display at the 17th Street Art Fair. When a volunteer at the Botanical Gardens saw it, she was enchanted, so I offered to do a coloring book for Paul Smith's Children's Village. I think a coloring book could be great for a lot of groups, and it would make a great xmas gift for the kids associated.