Kathy Alexander, who has taken a couple of years off as a member (but still contributed greatly to club activites like the golf tournament, Black Tie Bingo, etc.) has returned as a full-time member! Please help welcome Kathy back. Kathy still works at Jonah Bank and contributes in other areas of our community besides raising a family.
President-Elect Carrie Westling has begun a membership-related activity by keeping us all on our toes regarding our badges, by greeting everyone at the door with their badge! We think that's a great activity in that it makes everyone feel more included in the club's activities. And, Carrie spearheaded a drive to get towel sets for the Safehouse in Cheyenne after learning they needed them. The club designated a meeting's worth of "Pineapple" money so Carrie could buy 30 sets of luxury bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, etc. and deliver them to the Safehouse. A great thank-you to Carrie for her efforts!
We lament each member we lose, for whatever reason, but none more than the recent loss of member Belinda Kolb, who has in the past done so much for the club. In her resignation letter, she said, "I have decided that I will not be returning to active membership. My work travel continues fairly regularly and my personal life also includes regular travel now too. I am just not able to commit to a weekly meeting. Last May I joined Zonta which only meets once per month and that is much more manageable for my schedule. I truly appreciated my experience with Rotary over many years and I may have a season of life again in the future when I can commit to being an active member. I will continue to be interested in the work of the morning club and through Roxanne I will have information to know what is happening. 
My best to the entire club